The Line Between Innovation and Immorality

Moral guidelines can become difficult to determine when exploring new frontiers of science and technology. When pursuing scientific discovery, how do we know when we’ve gone too far? These challenges were on display when graduate student Amanda Mok led Berkeley Connect Computational Biology students in a discussion of ethical responsibilities related to gene editing.   … Continue Reading »

Witnessing the Future of Genomic Sequencing

Researchers at Berkeley can take advantage of new technology that allows them to conduct, for just a few thousand dollars, experiments that once cost millions. Students in Berkeley Connect Computational Biology recently got a special opportunity to visit the Genomic Sequencing Lab (GSL) in Stanley Hall. Facilities Director Shana McDevitt gave them an orientation to … Continue Reading »

Internet Architecture and the Rewards of Failure

Recently, Professor Scott Shenker gave a special lecture to Berkeley Connect students on internet architecture. The event was fascinating and surprising in more ways than one. Shenker opened by speaking humbly about his academic beginnings. He got his PhD in theoretical physics, and admitted to having no training in computer science. “I can’t program my … Continue Reading »

A Glimpse of the Future: Computational Biology

For many undergraduate students, the future is uncertain. And that’s okay – we’ve still got a few years left to figure things out. But it’s always helpful to hear people a few years older than you talk about what they’ve been doing since graduating, and how they got to where they are. Recently, Berkeley Connect … Continue Reading »