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Berkeley Connect
M13 Wheeler Hall, Mail Code 2495
Berkeley CA 94720-2495

Directions to M13 Wheeler Hall:

From the back (north side) of the building, facing Doe Library: Use the easternmost entrance, closest to the Campanile tower. As soon as you enter, turn right and enter the door leading to the Mezzanine level. Proceed down the hallway to Room M13.

For wheelchair access: Use the westernmost (downhill) entrance door, entering a ground level. Go straight past the staircase and then turn left, proceeding up the corridor to the Northeast elevator. Take the elevator one level up to the Mezzanine. As you exit, turn left and proceed to Room M13.

From the front (south side) of the building: Use the easternmost entrance door, closest to the Campanile. Proceed straight down the hall and down the stairs until you have almost exited the building. On your left you will see a door that leads to the Mezzanine level. Enter that door and proceed down the hall to Room M13.

For wheelchair access: Use the ramp to enter from the easternmost door. Go straight down the corridor towards the back of the building. When the corridor turns to the left (Northeast corner), you’ll see an elevator; take it one level down to the Mezzanine, then turn left to proceed to Room M13.