My Favorite Berkeley Connect Moment

January 5, 2016

We invited students participating in Berkeley Connect in Fall 2015 to enter our Berkeley Connect Student Voice Contest and share with us a memorable experience they had in Berkeley Connect. The first of two winning entries was written by Sharon Flores, a senior majoring in Sociology.

Sharon FloresBeing in such a big campus, I often felt left out. Getting paragraphs, and sometimes what seemed like essays as feedback on my essays, made me feel like I did not belong at Cal. Berkeley Connect has made me realize I do belong here. My favorite Berkeley Connect moment was when Professor Voss talked to us about writing and how to take feedback positively. It made me realize, I am not a bad writer; it is feedback that will help me become a better writer. This is my second time taking Berkeley Connect and it has taught me new things. I have learned about resources I have never heard of on campus. This class has taught me how to speak up and not be afraid to share my ideas. Berkeley Connect has made me confident in many aspects and I am really excited to take it again next semester because I know I will learn a lot more! Berkeley Connect makes you realize you are smarter than you think you are and having support from not only your mentor but the department as well, is an invaluable experience.